Frequently Asked Questions



Is Sphinx Academy Accredited?

Sphinx Academy is accredited by AdvancED. We are proud to say that our scores are well above the average scores for both Kentucky and National schools.

Sphinx Academy is also certified by the Kentucky Department of Education. This means our students qualify for the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) money.

Is this program only for self-learners and self-motivated students? Will it work for my child?

At Sphinx Academy students do have control over which courses to take, which lessons to start with, and how much time to spend on each lesson. However, their schedule is laid out for the day and any lessons left over are overdue. Learning Coaches and parents are able to keep track of the students’ progress on a daily basis so students do not fall behind without the learning coach noticing and addressing the situation. In most traditional schools, students do not get reminders to submit homework and parents may not be aware of late assignments until they see the grades and it is too late to make it up. At Sphinx Academy, this is not the case. We give our students a chance to be independent, but we are also there for them if they struggle.

For younger students or students who need more attention, our coaches create onsite classes so that students have more option as to the delivery of the different courses. In those cases, students usually participate in the planning process to get them more invested in their own success.

Would this program work for my gifted child?

Sphinx Academy programs are customizable and work very well for a variety of learners at different levels. However, we believe gifted and talented students benefit the most from our program.

In addition to specialized courses that are designed for gifted students, our flexible schedule permits those students to accelerate and/or focus more on their talents. They don’t have to spend time on transitions or waiting for other students to finish.

Would this program work for my special needs child?

At Sphinx Academy, we balance our approach to make sure exceptional children do not forget their strengths while working on opportunities for growth.

Our courses are flexible and they permit many different accommodations and modifications in addition to the different levels available. Additionally, our tests are not timed. This removes many of the stresses of a traditional setting. Since lecture type instruction is limited, no one has to catch up or wait for others to catch up.

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) or a 504 plan are welcome to come and meet with the director of education in order to discuss the individual needs of the student. We will be most open and honest about our ability or inability to provide those needs.

My student is doing fine in the traditional setting, why should I consider Sphinx Academy?

When we started in 2013, Sphinx Academy was a leap of faith, now, it’s a pretty safe bet and here’s why:

– Sphinx Academy students get accepted to highly selective colleges and programs.

– Sphinx Academy is one of 35 schools nationally and the only one in Lexington offering the AOPA’s Aviation STEM curriculum.

– Sphinx Academy’s Side by Side News service project has won the 2017 Governor’s Service Award.

– Sphinx Academy is the only micro-school in Lexington that offers fully individualized academic plans for its students.

– Sphinx Academy students have received or participated in highly selective high school programs like the Merit Scholarship, Singletary Scholarship, New Horizons Scholarship, Governor’s Scholar Program, Governor’s School for the Arts Program, Leadership Lexington, National Honor Society, and more.

– We offer year-round school programs to provide more pacing options.

– According to advancED, Sphinx Academy has one of the highest numbers of strong educational practices in Kentucky.

– Our students have unique opportunities to shine in programs like Kentucky United Nations Assembly and Kentucky Youth Assembly because they are part of a smaller group with more chances for participation and support.

– As a small school, we often have more access to unique opportunities such as ThinSAT with Morehead University (