A Letter From the Founder

Dear prospective parents and students,

“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.”
—Heath L. Buckmaster, Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale

After years of struggling with finding the right education for my children and the right career for myself, I finally realized that sometimes a good fit needs to be tailored rather than found. Sphinx Academy is my way to spread that realization to others.

I accepted the traditional way of teaching as a given until my son was diagnosed with ADHD. After a struggle with the traditional system, I finally took him to an educational consultant who announced he was gifted with “superior intelligence”. I was lost and it seemed no one knew how to help me. I had just finished my US Medical License Exam and was getting ready to apply for a psychiatry residency at the time. I set that aside and started focusing on an education path.

I sought a special education BA degree in order to gather the information I needed for individualizing education. My experience with medicine and psychiatry coupled with the special education training armed me with knowledge of child development and best practices in education. Throughout the courses, I came across two important facts: that all children can learn, and that all children learn differently. I also realized that many children with learning differences were gifted and talented.

After I graduated, I could not reconcile myself with the teaching jobs available. I started to research different models of education and I trained in both upper elementary and secondary Montessori education. I learned about curriculum development and integration, community building, and fostering integrity, independence, leadership, respect, and peace in the school environment. I visited many schools and took part in different educational workshops. I explored the idea of blended learning, micro-schools, and big picture schools, all focused on small number and facilitators. Finally, the idea for Sphinx Academy materialized.

If you feel you’ve been compromising and trying to fit in somewhere that does not fit your needs, please consider Sphinx Academy.

Wafaa Elghoroury