Full tuition is $9,850 and it includes the Year-Round-School program.

Students joining us for the second semester would pay half the amount.

Included in the tuition are:

  1. Unlimited online courses (four at a time with the ability to enroll in new courses as soon as students are done with current ones).
  2. One on one tutoring sessions with specialized live tutors.
  3. Sphinx Academy learning coaches support up to 5:00 PM on weekdays and are available on Saturdays 1:00PM-4:30 PM by appointment for extra help.
  4. Courses/ electives provided by our partners and learning coaches.
  5. School organized activities including day trips, life skills, study skills, and standardized test prep workshops.
  6. Summer workshops, activities, and electives in addition to the continuation of online classes as desired or needed.

Students are responsible for bringing their own laptop and headphones to school every day. The laptop must have Microsoft Office on it.

International Trip: Our annual international trip is not covered in our tuition and is payable directly to the organization we travel with. However, the school does create a program that is available to travelers free of charge to help earn high school Global Studies credit for the trip.

Payment plans:

Payment plans are available for parents to pay tuition over time. We accept checks and credit cards. We do not accept cash.

Tuition Discounts:

$500 discount on tuition for a full year’s payment received before July 31st.

$200 discount on tuition for a full semester’s payment received before July 31st and/or December 17th for a total of $400 for both semesters.

$100 discount for every referral to the school.